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Invest in the future of sustainable algae production

Building profitable algae production plants that help to preserve the planet for future generations.

Building profitable algae production plants that help to preserve the planet for future generations.

We’re working with corporate, private and institutional investors to build cost-effective algae production plants that are profitable in under 3 years, all while fighting climate change by consuming more CO2 per square meter than a forest.

Why invest in your own algae production plant with us?

Built under a year

Modular design and trusted materials suppliers allow us to assemble the production plant in less than 12 months, with very predictable costs.

Fight climate change

Algae consume a lot of CO2, so investing in on-site bioreactors can help corporations achieve CO2 neutrality and offset climate change.

We connect you with buyers

Algae supply is much lower than demand, the market is continuing to grow. With committed partners we can ensure a steady market for your algae products.

Looking for a sustainable and profitable new business venture?

Build an algae production plant with us and get our know-how, and a guaranteed off-taker.

Looking to neutralise your corporation’s CO2?

Turn your CO2 emissions into sustainable growth with our on-site algae bioreactors. A practical solution for corporations to achieve CO2 neutrality and gain an additional revenue stream.

The global demand is surging and governments are imposing stricter regulations. Now is the best time to invest in algae-based technology.

Why now?

The global algae-based Omega-3 market volume is expected to double in the next decade, with the market value projected to grow from $200 million to over $500 million.

Algae supply is much lower than the demand and as the imbalance continues to grow, so too will the revenue potential for your products.

  • The surging demand for vegan, health food, and supplements is outpacing supply, creating a promising opportunity for algae-based products.

  • With committed partners we can ensure a steady market for your algae products.

  • With our combination of low production costs, high productivity, and top-tier Capex, our algae production plants are designed to be a highly profitable investment, targeting an ROI within 3 years.

Why grow algae?

The world stands on the precipice of urgent change. Algae harbor immense potential to alleviate some of our most pressing environmental and societal challenges.

Algae consume high quantities of CO2 and effectively fight climate change

Just like a vast forest, our algae plants breathe in carbon dioxide, a gas that contributes to climate change, and breathe out oxygen. Carniolus’s algae-based technology offers a natural and efficient way to help cool our warming planet.

Algae can grow without competing for dwindling natural resources

Algae are resourceful little plants. They need less water and land than traditional crops, they can grow in places where other plants can’t, like non-arable land or wastewater (if algae-derived fuels are the target). This makes algae cultivation a smart choice for conserving our precious resources.

Algae can feed the world sustainably and in a cost-effective way

Algae grow super fast and can be turned into all sorts of useful products, like vegan food and supplements for people, natural feed for fish, bio-fertilizers for crops, and even biofuels for energy. As our population grows, algae can help us meet increasing demands in a sustainable way.

We’re working with trusted technology partners


By far the most efficient way of producing clean microalgae.

Unlike most of other solutions on the market, our process has zero contamination risk, is certifiable, can be fully automated and is algae agnostic.

The right technology partner for your algae production plant.

CAPEX (lower than competition’s)
Contamination risk
Automated processes
Certifiable process
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