About Carniolus

Who we are

Carniolus is a specialized engineering company focused on establishing algae production facilities. Leveraging our unique bioreactor illumination technologies, we design and build plants that maintain low operational costs, even in challenging locations and conditions.

We’ve constructed algae production plants across several continents, partnering with a diverse range of investors.

  • We work with private investors that want to start a new profitable business venture with predictable costs and proven business plan.
  • We work with government organizations that want to contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals.
  • We work with corporate investors that want to build on-site bioreactors to neutralize their CO2 output.

Sodelujemo z zaupanja vrednimi tehnološkimi partnerji

Meet our team

Our experienced leadership

At the helm of Carniolus, we have a team of seasoned professionals, each with their unique expertise and rich industry experience.

Their collective leadership drives our vision forward, merging diverse fields of knowledge to revolutionize the sustainable algaeculture space.

Žiga Zmazek


Žiga Zmazek, co-founder and CEO of Carniolus since 2014, has been a key figure in Slovenia’s biogas industry and is also the main investor in STU d.o.o., a company specialized in high-end engineering solutions that complement Carniolus’ technology portfolio.

Dr. Joachim Grill

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Joachim Grill, holding degrees in law and technology from J. Kepler University and with a background in investment banking, began investing in microalgae projects in 2007. He is a co-inventor of key technologies for Carniolus Algae Plants, including sunlight concentration, bioreactor design, and algae growth.

Dr. Karl Stagl

Chief Sustainability Officer

Ing. Karl Stagl, an engineering graduate from Austria, has held senior roles in tech companies and co-founded VoIP company Jajah. Since 2005, he’s been a lead investor and developer in innovative algae production technologies and is a co-inventor of key technologies used in Carniolus Algae Plants.