Client Project #1

MINI-Plant with cutting-edge R&D Laboratory in South Africa

<1 ton

yearly production capacity

Introducing our MINI-Plant, a compact yet powerful algae production facility with a capacity of less than 1 ton per year. This plant is paired with a cutting-edge R&D laboratory, serving as a development hub for enhancing vital algae properties such as protein and PUFA content.

Unlike hybrid systems, our reactors are exclusively powered by customized LEDs that replicate the spectrum of sunlight with remarkable accuracy. This technology ensures optimal growth conditions for the algae.

The research and development aspect of the plant features 10L inoculation reactors for testing new algae strains. Equipped with the latest analytical tools, including a high-speed lipid extraction unit and a gas-chromatography unit, our facility enables swift and precise analysis of newly developed algae strains.

  • LED-only illumination technology
  • Operational in less than 3 months
  • Less than 1 ton yearly production capacity

Popular with universities and research institutes

Algae Accelerator Systems

We can update your facility with bioreactors like these in less than 3 months.

<1 ton

yearly production capacity
  • LED-only illumination technology
  • Operational in less than 3 months
  • Less than 1 ton yearly production capacity

Discover our Algae Accelerator Systems, tailored for corporations and research institutions venturing into advanced algae cultivation. Each unit features four 100L bioreactors powered by our specialized LEDs, mirroring conditions in our 5m³ bioreactors, and boasts a fully automated plant management system.

Main Use Cases:

Strain Verification: Acting as an “algae-kindergarten,” these systems provide a realistic testing environment (400L capacity) for new algae strains, completing tests in mere days.

Inoculation Production: The 400L system can produce seed cultures to initiate our 5m³ reactors, seeding two reactors efficiently and setting the stage for their independent growth.

Client Project #2

Open-floor Commercial Algae Plant in Italy

20 tons

yearly production capacity

In the heart of Italy, we’ve brought our vision for sustainable algae production to life.

Our custom-designed, open-building plant boasts a production capacity of 20 tons per year.

This project, completed within a six-month timeline from September 2015 to March 2016, stands as a testament to our commitment to efficiency and rapid deployment.

  • Sunlight-only illumination technology (1st gen LCPs)

  • Operational in 6 months

  • 20 tons yearly production capacity

Client Project #3

Commercial Algae Plant in South Africa

45 tons

yearly production capacity

We’re currently expanding our global footprint with a new commercial algae plant under construction in South Africa.

This project, set to be completed within the timeline from June 2023 to April 2024, will enable our client to produce approximately 45 tons of algae per year.

  • Sunlight-only illumination technology (LCPs)

  • Projected development time: 10 months

  • 45 tons yearly production capacity

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